Since 2010 the initiative ‘Small Business Saturday’ has grown from a grass-roots campaign encouraging consumers to ‘shop local’, into an annual event that has reached millions and raises awareness of the crucial importance of small businesses.

Whilst this event has become a once a year calendar occasion to coincide with the beginning of the Christmas shopping period, there are number of reasons why every day should be a Small Business Day.

  1. It boosts the local economy – Research by local authorities has shown that more of your money stays local when you spend with SME’s. For every £1 spent 63p stayed in the local economy, compared to 40p with a larger business.
  2. Experience the joy of discovery – Independent retailers are where you find those items that are made locally and aren’t available elsewhere. Independent booksellers stock authors that you won’t find in the major chains. Local shops support local artists and designers, food producers and growers, so you’re buying products absolutely unique to your area.
  3. You will help to strengthen communities – Many local retailers such as bookshops, cafes and galleries often host events to generate business. From book groups and local bands to crafting clubs and children’s events. Local markets also often give space to community groups with public spaces becoming bustling retail centres
  4. You will be supporting British entrepreneurs – The next generation of designers, makers, retailers and bakers can be found at Artisan markets up and down the country. There is a constant turnover of new products with sellers highly attune to changing tastes.
  5. It is the ethical choice – We all need to start thinking more about the provenance of what we purchase and its impact on the planet. Strawberries in December have travelled along way wrapped in layers of plastic. When you shop local more of your purchases have had a much shorter trip and have less packaging.

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