What we do

In a nutshell, we source and sell eco-friendly products. Work with local businesses to list their goods and services. Then we reward cash-back to our customers and distributors that they can choose to spend or invest in local companies that we will  support.

For Home and Businesses

Eco-Friendly Alternatives

Source and sell sustainable products and services locally and global


List for sale or hire awesome local goods and services

Reward Cash-Back

Based on our buying power we give back to our customers and distributors


Invest in local businesses with cash back earned and watch that business grow


Making complex ideas simple with Its not rocket science, London

Email Marketing

Keeping in contact with your customers is essential, we help you automate that

Online Management

We manage your online presence, sales and social media

Website Hosting

Help with your site or a bespoke one made, we have a team on hand for you


Picking, packing and sending it on for delivery 

Route to Maket - Distribution

A network of wholesalers and local retailers to partner with

International Transfers

Move money safely from point A to B where ever that may be

Sustainable Consulting

Lower plastic usage, commercial recycling and opportunities in 

Social Enterprise and FairShares

Many believe social enterprise is charity. It's not. Its an enterprise with a social purpose!

Ours is to help people realise their social and economic potential by sharing the value our customers create.

We practice and teach principals that have been developed by pioneers, academics and communities across the globe. We are proud partners and license holders of Social Enterprise International and co-founders of the FairShares Association.

Social Enterprise Training

We help your company or cause become an enterprise for profit and social good

Social Audit

Show that you incorporate a social purpose into your business model 

Impact Funding

Investments can change a life or a generation 


Corporates getting behind the Social Enterprise Movement #SEiRoadShow

We’ll Show You How It’s Done

Ideas change the world. LocoSoco is here to help you turn yours into a business with a social purpose. 

Example of recent work

Product Partners

Become an Ambassador Today!

Being an ambassador for LocoSoco is much more than an unlimited earning opportunity. It’s a great way to meet with people in your local area and make a real difference to your community.

We are looking for energetic, proactive individuals to represent LocoSoco at a local level.

Interested? Send us some details and we’ll be in touch!

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