Water and Fuel Line Conditioners



Using the power of magnets you can make 5-15% savings on fuel bills whilst reducing and clearing limescale in your water pipes


Pipe sizes can range from 1cm to 180cm.

Home or commercial.




Simply put, a magnetic field helps to align molecules as they pass through pipes. In water this prevents the limescale sticking. For fuel it makes it burn more efficiently.



For Home


For fuel pipes - high power dual-magnet conditioner fitted to the outside of your fuel pipes. Fuel burns more efficiently. Reducing bills. Better for the world.


For water pipes - high power quad-magnet conditioner is fitted to the outside of your fuel pipes. It will slow limescale build up whilst also removing it.

Larger resin encased magnets for larger pipes available



It is hard to believe. Almost science fiction. However, it works and we stand by our word with a 12-month guarantee.

Cleaner water pipes and savings on your fuel bill or your money back.

For commercial use you are likely to see a reduction in chemicals needed to treat water.







Community Action Ledbury are a community transport charity that offer a ring and ride service in drivers own cars and 4 minibuses and wheelchair adapted vehicle of their own used for mainly group activities and outings. Two of the minibuses are nearly new Mercedes Sprinter 17 seater minibuses and two much older minibuses. 


The older buses are a 2008 Ford Iveco with a 3 litre engine  and a 2004 Mercedes Sprinter (2.2 litre) affectionately known as "The Green Goddess" Both vehicles were achieving between 18 and 20 miles per gallon and costing a lot to run in terms of fuel as a lot of the journeys were stop/start and short distance. 


I had already had experience of magnetic devices on my oil central heating boiler which had shown savings on fuel so was happy to look at the solution for vehicle engines. We had a device fitted on the two buses and saw the MPG figure climb to around 27 a massive improvement meaning our buses are in the garage a lot less frequently. We also saw an improvement in the emissions measured at every 10 week check. As we have owned the Iveco from new it was so interesting to observe that within a few weeks of fitting the device and having the next 10 week check carried out to see the emissions had reduced and over the next couple of 10 week periods the value has now fallen back to what it was when the bus was new. We are so pleased with the results of fitting these devices and are enjoying reduced running costs on both buses which is good news for the charity.

Jon Critoph

For commercial water pipes, digital treatments  are used - lets discuss.

Send us a message to discuss commercial installations - 12 month guarantee