We believe that in order to achieve meaningful reach and engagement with a wide variety of audiences, personalised, live-action and measurable video communication is the purest, most cost-efficient and most effective platform, delivering consistent ROI.

Personalised Video

The ceem patented technology stitches together video assets effortlessly to deliver high-impact, on brand, messages personalised for each contact in your target audience.

Established and Proven

ceem has delivered unprecedented results for some of the biggest brands around the world.

Works on any Device

Our technology means that no matter who receives your video message, they will be able to watch it, any time, any place.


Using our bespoke analytics, track your campaigns, including opens, views, conversions, shares and beyond!

Support and Assistance

ceem is here to guide you throughout the entire process. We will assist you with training, optimisation, filming and execution consultation, along with deployment of your campaigns.


Our platform can be white-labelled for your brand, with all video campaigns deployed via client side servers for authenticity.

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