Commercial cleaners are the future

Reduce your environmental impact

It is often difficult to be an effective cleaning services provider whilst also attempting to limit your impact on the environment. The chemicals you use to get those floors and surfaces sparkling, inevitably end up in our lakes, rivers and streams. 

Time to become an eco-conscious cleaning company

LocoSoco can provide eco-friendly, naturally-derived cleaning products that are every bit as effective as the traditional products used in the industry.

At a time when potential clients are as eager to limit their environmental impact as you are, becoming an eco-conscious cleaning company can save you money, make you more attractive to prospects AND help you contribute towards saving the world.

Eco-friendly products

All of our cleaning products are environmentally-friendly, whilst also being effective.


We can supply our products in bulk drums, for use with 100% recycled refillable containers, reducing plastic waste.

Healthier choice

Switching to our eco-friendly products will have a positive effect on your staff’s productivity, reducing absences due to sickness.

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