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Become a community leader

The assets that bind our communities together such as schools, libraries, places of worship and sports clubs are often under-funded and in danger of disappearing. LocoSoco works with these community assets, enabling them to become eco-enterprises.
By promoting eco-friendly products to your community you will become a community leader in the mission for sustainability, whilst also being able to generate much-needed additional revenue for your organisation.


Subscription refill station

A perfect option for schools, clubs and places of worship, but also a great option for local retailers.

A subscription refill station will enable you to lead your community on a mission for sustainability whilst also generating additional revenue for your business or organisation.

LocoSoco will work with you to promote your subscription service to your local community. New subscribers set up their subscriptions through your web page on our site and collect their products from your premises each month.

Save money

Subscription services help us to keep product prices low, reduce wastage and provide new revenue channels for community assets like yours.

Save our planet

100% recycled, refillable containers, along with eco-friendly, ethically sourced products to fill them with. Help encourage your community to make a difference.

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Subscription products

No need for holding lots of stock. LocoSoco will provide the right quantities of bulk products to service your subscribers each month.

  • Household cleaning products
  • Health & beauty products
  • Bathroom products
  • Loose food items
  • Teas & Coffees

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