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Local retailers

Promote sustainable alternatives to your community and reclaim your title as a 'convenience store.

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Educate your students about sustainability and generate additional revenue for the resources your school needs.

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Clubs & community centers

Become community leaders for sustainability and earn extra funding for your equipment, projects and inititives.

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Places of worship

Inspire collective action on tackling our impact on the environment whilst generating funds for your organisation.

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Strategic Partners

We are creating a network of organisations that will be able to work together seamlessly and share experience, expertise and audiences

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Join the team

Locosoco is working to change the world for the better. Want to join the team and come along with us for the ride?

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Commercial cleaning companies

Become an eco-conscious cleaning company and limit your environmental impact

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Cleaning & janitorial departments

Contribute to your company's efforts to reduce their impact on our environment

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Become a community partner

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