Local retailers are the future

These are testing times

The growth of high street chains, online shopping and economic uncertainty have created a perfect storm of challenges.

Our popular eco products with strong margins could go some way towards making a difference.Throw in a free online shop for your store and we are starting to level the playing field.

Introduce local businesses to our 100s of eco-alternatives and get rewarded.

New revenue opportunities for independent retailers

LocoSoco are focused on helping communities realise their potential and guide them to a more sustainable future.

We work with Social Enterprise International and FairShares principles to reward customers with ownership that purchase eco-friendly, sustainable and independent products and services across a growing breadth of sectors to ensure that what we sell, does some good.

A new web presence

A personalised page on our website to promote your business and it’s services.

New eco-friendly products

Stock items from our growing range of eco-friendly, ethical products.

Host a refill station

Help your customers save time, money and the planet with a ‘zero plastic waste’ eco-refill station.

Social media

We’ll help you promote your store and its offering to your local community.

Apply to become a community partner today!
Get a free web shop and many great opportunities.

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