Places of worship are the future

These are challenging times

As communities face economic and environmental pressures. Places of worship are well placed to offer inspiration and hope.

We believe that there are new opportunities for churches, mosques and synagogues to take a greater lead in supporting the environment whilst strengthening their financial position and that of the local community.

Through LocoSoco this will deliver your place of worship a new revenue opportunity and will help to create investment opportunities for you and your local community.

One world. Let's save it together

LocoSoco are focused on helping communities realise their potential and guide them to a more sustainable future by becoming eco social enterprises.

We source and sell products and services from eco-friendly, sustainable and independent manufacturers to ensure that whatever we sell, it does some good.

New eco-friendly products

Use them yourselves and promote to your community (bringing prices down)

Earn a margin

Re-invest or use to help build local social enterprises of the future.

A new web presence

A page on our website to promote this new initiative and additional services you want to offer.

Social media

We’ll help you promote your new offer and spread the word to your community.

Find out how easy it is to become an eco-enterprise

Apply to become a community partner today

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