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We need to eat, we need to clean and we want to reduce waste.

Reduce plastic

Save Money

Do your bit

Stage 1

REfill from concentrate

Start small. Think Big.

Each one of these 5 litre drums refills 167 (about one pallet) of award winning professional eco-cleaning sprays

Bring a bottle. Fill it up. A 30ml squirt and the rest water

Stage 2

REfill from Bulk

It goes

Between school and sports club, work and home, detergent and fabric softner just goes

Refill your bottle (or jars, sauce pots, vases…)

Stage 3


Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Oats to nuts, flours to grains there are literally 100s of possibilities to refill foods.

*thanks to HISBE (Rebel Supermarket) for the pics

Let's Chat ABOUT SETTING UP A refill Business - from Just £20!

In your shop, school, sports club, place of worship, office, phone box?

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