New Brand Partnerships

Our unique route to market

LocoSoco is a trusted supplier to a large number of independent retailers throughout the UK.

We are known for supplying great-quality, sustainable and innovative brands into the hearts of communities, through our network of community partners, ensuring those communities have access to the best products whilst those brands gain vital exposure and new business.

Through our ‘Shares for Shelf Space’ initiative, we can ensure that your products are promoted to consumers by working with a large network of engaged, motivated retailers.

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Sampling. Delivered.

Get your products in front of the people that make decisions within independent retailers.

With award winning retailers and community partners spanning from the tip of Scotland to Penzance we have you covered for brand launches.

What's in it for you?

LocoSoco, acting as your distribution and marketing partner within the local retail sector removes the hassle and expense of a nationwide sales and marketing programme. We already partner with local retailers and have great relationships with symbol groups up and down the country.

We ensure that your products gain the exposure they deserve, are prominent in-store with attractive POS and online media to support sales.

Our service also provides the opportunity to engage directly with local retailers and gain vital insights and feedback about your brand.

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We support brands that we care about. We want to help you succeed and don’t believe in taking upfront fees. 

We earn a margin by distributing your products and helping them grow.

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Become a Community Partner

Becoming a community partner is an opportunity to make a difference in your community by introducing sustainable products and services.

At LocoSoco we believe in sharing the revenue and equity created from this thriving industry