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Problems need solutions.



Our planet needs us to start living more sustainably but eco-products are sometimes seen as expensive and hard to get hold of.


Lower the cost of eco-friendly products by making them easier to purchase through increasing the number of local selling points.



Independent shops are the lifeblood of our economy but struggle to compete on range and price with high street chains, supermarkets and online retailers.


Set-up local shops as refill stations for everyday products to generate more repeat business and reclaim their place as ‘convenience’ stores.

Help them to use e-commerce to promote their goods to a wider market.



The assets that bind communities together such as schools, libraries, places of worship and sports clubs are often under-funded or under threat of closure. 


Turn community assets into eco-enterprises to generate revenue for themselves from sustainable goods and services.

If a school can cover its funding gaps from the sale of goods its pupils and their families would previously have bought at the supermarket then we are on the way.

Do your planet a

Calling all shops, schools, sports clubs, pubs and places of worship.

Time to act. Time to get your community involved.

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