LocoSoco Sanitisation Portal

Full body disinfection
including clothes and items carried

Sanitising portal for easy, complete disinfection of the body.

Includes body temperature gauge for illness identification and spread prevention.

The sanitising portal uses an omnidirectional atomizer to apply non-toxic disinfectant through it’s automatic induction spray function to ensure total coverage.

The machine also comes with facial recognition software with a built in 8 inch LCD screen for temperature display and a non-contact hand sanitising dispenser.

Perfect for use within airports or as a preventative measure upon entering enclosed spaces such as office buildings or schools.

8 inch LCD screen with body temperature display and face comparison function

Automatic induction spray function with ultrasonic, omnidirectional atomizer application

Face recognition, temperature measurement, visitor and attendance log functions

High precision infrared thermal imaging module

Sound alarm for high temperatures and fevers

Reduce the risk of infection and spread

Non-contact hand sanitiser dispenser function

Highly sensitive and accurate
The machine can be moved easily as required

Foldable ramp for inclusive access and use

Glass observation window

Light up portal

LocoSoco Sanitisation Portal

  • Full body disinfection – including clothes and items carried
  • Effective even in high-density areas
  • 25L capacity
  • Body temperature gauge
  • Accurate to +/- 0.3°C with a 0.5-meter detection range
  • AI employee facial recognition, tracking, and detection
  • Facial recognition works as quick as 0.5ms from a database of 10,000 faces
  • Includes touch-free 1L hand sanitiser dispenser for even more thorough disinfection
  • Accessible – wheelchair ramp

From £9,995 +vat

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