Sustainable Services


Sustainability Review

Could your business be doing more for sustainability?

Well, it’s easy to find out. Our trained auditors come to your premises and perform an audit on your business and it’s processes to discover where changes can be made to improve your environmental impact.

You will then be furnished with a list of suggestions on how best to make those changes.

• Energy usage and wastage

• Waste disposal and handling

• Supply of materials and sundries

• Cleaning & maintenance


LocoSoco FairShares Lab


The LocoSoco FairShares Lab is an incubation hotspot based on the principles of equal cooperation between Founder, Labour, User and Investor members.

Citizens are able to work together with experts to initiate and organise social innovations, and social/blue enterprises, that tackle problems in their working and living environments.


Sustainable Printers

The Paradigm MPS brings your printing into the 21st century.

By providing you with the very latest SMART printers, we are able to significantly reduce your current print costs and give you the world’s most advanced printers.

Up to 94% less waste 

Up to 96% less energy 

Up to 92% less CO

Up to 3.5x faster than lasers


Personalised Video

Revolutionising audience engagement

The ceem patented technology stitches together video assets effortlessly to deliver high-impact, on brand, messages personalised for each contact in your target audience.

• B2C and B2B Communications

• Politics

• Investor Relations

• Fundraising

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