Shares for Shelf Space

Earn more than just a margin

Here’s a new concept…

What if you were rewarded for your part in the success of the brands that occupy your shelves, as well as earning a profit margin on their sales?

One of our core beliefs here at LocoSoco is – Everybody involved in our retail revolution should benefit from the economic boom it produces.

So we’re bringing you the opportunity to join our ‘Shares for Shelf Space’ group, were you will be able to boast the latest, greatest and most innovative new products before they’re available elsewhere.

Women choosing food from a supermarket shelf

How it works

LocoSoco works with the most exciting and attractive new brands in the market, acting as their distribution and marketing partner, in exchange for revenue, equity and exclusivity.

We place these new products in your store, initially on a sale or return basis, up to 50 lines.

All POS and marketing collateral is provided, along with online media to ensure success.

In exchange for this ‘shelf space’ we provide you with equity in our publicly-traded company, giving you additional financial value. 

What's in it for you?

We understand that the success of new brands depends, largely on the effort and promotion that you all put into them. We give you equity in our business so that you are both motivated and rewarded for this effort.

As the value of these new brands grows, the value of your shares should grow to.

So, instead of sending sales people to your store, everyday, LocoSoco works to find you the best brands whilst also ensuring you get the upside of the success you had a part in creating for them.

No risk, big rewards!

Sign up for Shares for Shelf Space today!

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Become a Community Partner

Becoming a community partner is an opportunity to make a difference in your community by introducing sustainable products and services.

At LocoSoco we believe in sharing the revenue and equity created from this thriving industry