Propercorn & Properchips Sharer Packs – 8x cases of 8 units With 2x FSDUs

A combination of both our Propercorn and Properchips FSDU packs.

Contains 8 cases of 8 units each along with 2x FSDUs.


  • Peanut Butter & Almond Flavour – 1 case of 8 units
  • Sweet Flavour – 1 case of 8 units
  • Sweet & Salty Flavour – 1 case of 8 units
  • Lightly Sea Salted. – 1 case of 8 units


  • Sweet Sriracha Chilli Flavour – 1 case of 8 units.
  • Sour Cream & Chive Flavour – 1 case of 8 units.
  • Barbecue Flavour – 1 case of 8 units.
  • Salt & Vinegar Flavour – 1 case of 8 units.

Propercorn sharer packs: £0.49 per unit – £0.80 rrp (27% POR)

Properchips sharer packs: £0.73 per unit – £1.00 rrp (27% POR) – 0% vat.

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Additional information


Every pack of PROPERCORN is made using the best quality corn. We use butterfly corn which gives it a distinctively light and crunchy texture. It’s also a brilliant source of wholegrain fibre.

Our recipes begin in the PROPERCORN kitchen and are unique to us. We only use natural seasonings, which gives every pack delicious depth of flavour, from the first hit to the last kernel.


PROPERCHIPS is our first creation outside of popcorn. And it’s really got our pulse racing. Our lentil chips pack a punch in flavour and are perfectly designed for dipping. Dip, scoop and crunch – its unique shape and strong lentil base can be loaded with your favourite dip.

Lentils are high in protein and a source of fibre and iron. They also give PROPERCHIPS their subtle smooth, creamy flavour and seriously satisfying crunch.

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