High Strength Turmeric - Higher Nature - 60

£28.00£112.00 inc. VAT

Absorbable turmeric & curcumin complex

  • Whole spectrum formulation – all the required ingredients for ultimate benefit
  • With added Cavacurmin® and Turmacin® – ingredients backed by clinical studies
  • Guaranteed strength and purity
  • Added whole turmeric powder for complete support
  • Suitable for vegetarian and vegans
  • Please note: packaging received may vary from that shown
  • Capsule side: 20.22mm X 8.18mm

Additional information


1, 4


2 Turmeric capsules typically provide

Capsule side: 20.22mm X 8.18mm
Curcumin extract 200mg
Turmeric extract 500mg
Turmeric powder 300mg

Suggested intake

Take 2 capsules per day with food


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