Malibu Sun - Starter Pack

The starter kit comes with 12 products for your community:

GA250 SPF50 Kids Spray Lotion Aerosol 175ml 6
FA222EFS SPF30 Lotion Spray Aerosol 175ml 6
GM990 Clear All Day Protection SPF50 250ml 6
GM991 SPF50 Clear Protection for Kids 250ml 6
FM250 SPF50 Kids Lotion 200ml 6
FM262 SPF50 Protective Lotion Spray 200ml 6
GM847 SPF15 Bronzing Tanning Oil + Argan Oil 200ml 6
FM576 SPF30 Lotion + Miracle Tan 150ml 6
GM573 MIRACLE TAN 150ml 6
HM510EFG Soothing Aftersun Lotion 400ml 6
GM544 After Sun with Tan Extender 400ml 6
FM534 Aloe Vera Aftersun Gel 400ml 6


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