Delphis *eco - Reusable Face Mask - 10 units

  • Outer layer: 200gsm knitted silver coated polyester
  • Filter layer: 2.4mm thick 140gsm non-woven needle
  • punched polyester ISO 14644 tested
  • Inner layer: 120gsm woven polyester
  • Maximum size: 150mm H x 220mm W
  • Colour: White


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  • Highly engineered three-layer reusable
    and washable Face Masks are designed for
    protection and comfort.
  • Silver coated and water repellent outer
    layer giving natural antimicrobial double
    action protection.
  • 2.4mm non-woven polyester internal
    filter tested to ISO 14644, stops particles
    greater than 5 microns.
  • Soft inner layer giving a third layer of
    protection and maximum comfort. Tested
    for all skin types and provides the highest
    air permeability needed for breathing.
  • Personalised storage pouch doubling
    as a mask washing bag.
  • x3 Face Masks | x10 Filters | x1 Pouch = 1 unit

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