Eco-Refill Plastic Bottles - 6 Bottles

£10.80 inc. VAT

6 Labelled Plastic Bottles Intended for use with our Eco-Refill Stations (Does not include cleaning solution)

  • 6 labelled 750ml bottles for each pump on the Eco-Refill Station

Unit RRP: £1.50


Additional information

Bottle Label

Anti-Bacterial Sanitiser, Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Washroom Cleaner


Delphis *eco PCR plastic bottles are available for each of the pumps on the LocoSoco Eco-Refill Station:
  • Anti-Bacterial Sanitiser
  • Multi-Purpose Cleaner
  • Washroom Cleaner
– The UK’s first post-use 100% recycled HDPE plastic bottle
– Creates a downstream demand for single-use plastic waste
– Redirects what would go to landfill, our oceans, and manufacturers into new life products
– 70% carbon saving versus virgin plastic
– Food grade quality – totally fit for all packaging needs
– 100% closed loop innovation

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