Sustainable Printers - as a service

Sustainable printing that will save you up to 70%

We are changing the way that businesses manage their printing needs by doing away with traditional leasing contracts and replacing them with our flexible ‘Managed Printing as a Service’ concept.

We supply, install and maintain state-of-the-art, sustainable printing equipment free of charge, charging only an affordable monthly subscription rate which includes support, breakdown and ink packs.

Our MPS subscriptions provide you with a substantial cost saving when compared to traditional leasing arrangements, whilst also helping your business to be far more sustainable and eco-friendly.


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Black, white & GREEN all over

Our MPS subcription is a service experience where customers, no matter how large or small, whether one location or many, can enjoy high-quality documents from an optimised infrastructure with little headache, hassle or downtime.

Low power consumption and the minimisation of waste with high-capacity ink packs not only reduces costs, but also contributes to reducing environmental load.

When evaluating the impact of materials and manufacturing use, the CO2 emissions of our devices are considerably lower, demonstrating their incredible environmental performance.

What is Managed Print?

Simply put, Managed Print is a specific service that assigns responsibility for part or all of your printer fleet to a specialist company who work with you to identify cost savings, efficiencies and improvements.

This can involve supplying equipment specifically tailored to your business and processes, which will be fit for purpose and therefore deliver significant benefits.

Typically and where you may have been sourcing toners and cartridges, it can also save ink costs by as much as half, and therefore reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO).

Similar to your mobile phone, all of these benefits can be delivered for one easy monthly payment, meaning you can experience all these benefits without incurring any upfront costs. 

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Become a Community Partner

Becoming a community partner is an opportunity to make a difference in your community by introducing sustainable products and services.

At LocoSoco we believe in sharing the revenue and equity created from this thriving industry