3 Reasons why the future of the high street is local

"It may not feel like it right now but believe us when we say the future of the high street is local. A range of technological developments and economic pressures have pushed many small businesses to the brink. However there are changes ahead which will believe see a...

How to save your local shop

Sadly, it’s a common, albeit complex story. Independent traders having to shut up shop due to the punishing economics created by out of town supermarkets and rising business rates.  It’s not just traditional retailers that suffer, there’s also a knock-on effect to...

Have we reached a packaging tipping point?

If you are of a certain age you may recall taking your fizzy drink bottles back to the shop you purchased them in exchange for some cash. In fact this writer remembers using this to supplement his pocket money and kindly collecting his neighbours bottles to save them...

Community power at work

Aside from Morris dancing, cricket on the green, warm beer and polite tolerance there’s nothing that says British more than the ‘pub’. These institutions have been with us for nearly 1000 yrs and yet in 21st century Britain they are fast disappearing. According to...

5 good reasons to shop local

Since 2010 the initiative ‘Small Business Saturday’ has grown from a grass-roots campaign encouraging consumers to 'shop local', into an annual event that has reached millions and raises awareness of the crucial importance of small businesses....

Is social enterprise the saviour of the high street?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock it won’t be news to you that the traditional high street is under threat in most parts of the country and has almost dissolved entirely in others. The butcher, baker and candlestick maker have been replaced by café’s, charity...

Why eco-friendly isn’t a luxury anymore

In some circles the notion of being ‘green’ or ‘eco-friendly is a bit of an anathema. Too expensive, not useful and not available round here. In addition, the stereotypes given to the environmentally aware have not always been kind. They can...

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