Why work with LocoSoco

LocoSoco practices Social Enterprise and FairShares principals, so whether you are an independent retailer who wants to broaden their product offering and grow their customer base, a producer who wants a more rewarding distribution network or a community with an idea for an enterprise, we’d love to hear from you.

Local Shops

Become a pick-up point, stockist or refill station for eco-friendly, sustainable and independent products.

LocoSoco will build a page to promote your business and other local services.

Earn a FairShare!


List your product on LocoSoco and sell either direct to customers or  for collection at local pick-up point or wholesale. 

Local Services

LocoSoco will build you a page to promote and sell your local service.

Whether it’s a conference room or desk for rent, a morning class or a local experience let’s have a chat.


“We do not inherit the world from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”

LocoSoco are here to enable schools to teach social enterprise principals whilst putting them into practice to generate income and teach students about sustainability.

Sports Clubs

It’s a team effort being sustainable. LocoSoco has your clubs team and fans back.

Become a hub for our products and promote local services.

Becoming a Social Enterprise

LocoSoco works with Social Enterprise International to teach Multi-stakeholder principals and the FairShares model.

Submit an idea for a community-owned enterprise, or to convert a business into in locally owned and community run.

Earn by becoming a LocoSoco champion