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"73% of UK consumers want to
be more sustainable in 2021"


Over the next ten years sustainability will become a multi-trillion
pound industry. We’ve already noticed some of the biggest brands
and companies globally switching to eco-friendly and sustainable
alternatives due to a change in consumer buying habits. It’s only a
matter of time before everyone else follows suit.


Why it all started

LocoSoco founder, James Perry left his career in Debt Capital Markets,
with a desire to create assets for people. His "lightbulb moment" happened
when the local shop in the village he grew up in went out of business.

Community spirit kicked in and the locals came together to purchase and
operate the shop. 7 years later, the shop is still thriving, leading. This
begged the question:

What else can a community achieve working together and how do we
harness that energy?

Above all else, LocoSoco is here to
build long term partnerships in the
pursuit of both environmental and
economic sustainability.


What we do

LocoSoco is a collaborative movement built on the belief that
communities are the answer to a sustainable future.

Our planet needs us to start living more sustainably. The climate and
biodiversity crisis we are living through is nothing short of an
existential threat to all of us. At the same time, our local shops are
disappearing and the assets that bind our communities together, such
as schools, clubs and places of worship, are often under-funded and
in danger of closure.

LocoSoco creates and delivers eco-friendly, sustainable and ethically
sourced products, services and technologies.

By switching, we can dramatically reduce the negative impact we each
have on our environment and increase health and wellbeing.

We work with local retailers, schools, places of worship, sports clubs,
councils and business leaders to create 'eco-enterprises' that enable
them to maximise their impact/support the mission for sustainable
living, locally and gloablly.


James Perry, CEO and Founder, LocoSoco Group Plc

James Perry

Founder & CEO

Simon Rendell-Chairman- LocoSoco Group Plc

Simon Rendell


Oliver Lyons - Senior Sales

Oliver Lyons

Senior Sales

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