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How We Got Started

In the village where our founder grew up the nearest supermarket was an 8 mile round trip. So when the local shop was threatened with closure the community got together and bought it, ensuring this important pillar of village life was protected. It has since thrived.

LocoSoco was built to help communities prosper and share in the wealth and value they create.

We believe that every community has unlocked potential


Our Mission

Assets for everyone!

Local businesses and their customers are the lifeblood of our economy. But trading conditions are tough. The growth of online shopping and the big high street chains are squeezing money our of our communities and making business difficult for the independent trader.

We want to level the playing field. Ensuring that LocoSoco’s customers and partners are properly rewarded by sharing in the ownership of the supply chain they are a fundamental part of.

We are on a mission to make community ownership easy and inclusive of everyone – if you create value, we believe you should have your fair share of that.

Making eco-friendly easy and rewarding

Wouldn’t it be good if you could help to protect the environment whilst saving money?


Wouldn’t it be amazing if your purchases created wealth for you and your local community? LocoSoco was set up to make this happen.


There is a different way.




A different way

Can you see them? There are actually 166 bottles of award winning 750ml eco friendly cleaning product sitting on this shelf.

That’s because each time you need more product you can fill your bottle with just 30ml of concentrate and add water.

That’s 166 bottles that do not need to be produced, 166 bottles that you do not need to pay for.

Each refill saves a bottle and only costs £1.

This earns the refill station a great return, whilst getting customers to come back by providing a service for the community.

A different way

LocoSoco believe our customers should profit from their purchases, and we're not talking club card points.

We reward customers with cash back on their purchases. This can then be spent, saved, or invested.

The goal is to allow you to invest in local community owned enterprises and earn income by owning a revenue generating asset such as a local shop, baker, recycling plant, greenhouse, wind turbine or recycling business. Creating jobs, locally.

When you buy products or services with LocoSoco you get cash-back you can spend, save, donate or invest. It is completely up to you.

Become an Ambassador Today!

Being an ambassador for LocoSoco is much more than an unlimited earning opportunity. It’s a great way to meet with people in your local area and make a real difference to your community.

We are looking for energetic, proactive individuals to represent LocoSoco at a local level.

Interested? Send us some details and we’ll be in touch!

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