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Turn non-recyclable and mixed plastic into fuel

1kg of plastic waste becomes 1 litre of usable oil
1 litre of usable oil can generate around 3.5Kwh of energy or turn it back into plastic

With our partners we are introducing a unique plastic waste solution utilising a series of plastic waste-to-oil systems, this will be a boon to plastic recycling services and companies with excessive plastic waste

With thermal-kettle based technology, we provide a continuous processing system for more effective and efficient results unlike other systems using batch-processing.
Uniquely, we heat plastic with electronic power generated from the process, unlike traditional machines which uses oil or gas burners, so this system is very clean by pollution standards compared with others.

It provides the perfect solution to the problem of plastic waste disposal whilst creating valuable products that can be sold on or utilised within your supply chain.

Plastics polluting
our seas

The seemingly uncontrolled tide of plastic waste bringing widespread pollution to our seas and general environment needs to be addressed urgently and with a team that has a deep-rooted knowledge of the problems combined with a technological solution. With approximately 90% of plastic waste not being recycled this provides an almost unlimited feedstock to turn much of it into a valuable and reusable commodity.

From the plastic waste that is collected only 9% is recycled. The vast majority is either exported to other countries, incinerated or will go into landfill. It is illegal to export as waste, so it is labelled plastic recycling, but little of it gets recycled, it is cherry picked and much of it is dumped in the oceans. Plastic is not ideal for incinerators as it spikes the heat and the emissions, so more and more is sent off to landfill.

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A fresh take on old technology

The process is cleaner than anything similar that preceded it, both fast and efficient and self-powered. This is the best current solution for using plastic waste recycling to create a useful commodity – it is modular and it will go to where the problem is – it is plug and play.

The compact and fully automated systems built into 40ft shipping containers converts up to 5000 kg of plastic per day into polyolefin fraction, and, subsequently, cost-effectively into 5000 litres of usable oil.

The substrate is heated and the oil vapours condensed, solid residues discharged and gases used or combusted in a GenSet generator.
The product condensate can be used in suitable combustion engines for energy generation or refined by a micro-fractional distilliation into heavy, medium and light condensates.

The plants are installed in a shipping containers and are suitable for the expansion of existing recycling plants.

The system is designed for polyolefin waste as the dominant material flow.

Areas of application

Disposal and Waste Management Companies – Makes these types of business more environmentally friendly and increases working efficiency

Industrial Companies – Energy created from waste material scan be a great method to independently power your company

Catering and Retail – Helps with processing waste packaging, lowering your waste disposal requirements

Entertainment / Events Organisers – Reduce the impact on landfill by converting the waste from clean-up into power

Environmental Organisations – This machine presents a recycling opportunity to clean up oceans rivers and on-land sites

Cities & Municipalities – Waste plastic holds the power to create energy to contribute to your population’s needs

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