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How to generate a 1% cash back on your payroll costs, every month, and drive employee loyalty at the same time.

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Managing your business overheads and costs have never been more challenging, from finding ways to mitigate inflation busting rises right across the supply chain to recruiting and keeping staff.

The Employment Partnership helps you do both.

  • Allows organisations to benefit from cash straight back to the business and their staff unrivalled benefits.
  • Guarantees to pay 1% cash back on the gross wage roll every month. Provides wide-reaching benefits to the employees, driving retention and loyalty.
  • Provides better asset protection for shareholder capital.
  • Fully accepted and compliant with all HMRC requirements, paying all PAYE & NIC liabilities.

Benefits to Employer

We create unique opportunities for our clients aiding them in enhancing profitability and augmenting shareholder benefits without taking unnecessary risks.

  • Save 1% of your gross monthly payroll
  • Eliminate vicarious liability by employing staff
  • No setup costs or exit penalties
  • A fully flexible rolling 30-day
  • Easy to implement and can have a phased approach
LocoSoco - Employer Benefits

Finance Director
£80m payroll Construction Industry Client

"Once implemented it runs like clockwork. We check the HMRC and Pension portals every month and it is exactly as you would expect it, penny perfect"

Benefits to the Employee

Research shows that an employee benefits package ranks highly on a list of priorities potential employees will expect, as well as a workplace that genuinely cares about their staff. The following benefits are available.

  • Discounts – with access to over 3,000 major retailers and leisure operators giving discounts on everyday spends, generating average employee saving of £1,300 per annum
  • Reward and Recognition module with appreciation, continuous recognition and celebrate staff achievements
  • Well-being module – whether physical, mental or financial, help employees achieve their wellness goals. Encourage and support employees for a healthier, more engaged team
  • Salary Sacrifice and Flexible Benefits show appreciation to your staff by offering valuable benefits, boost your EVP with a variety of options to suit every demographic and support your staff’s day-to-day needs.
Employee Benefits Employment Partnership - LocoSoco

Operations Director
£15m payroll Logistics Company Client

Initially after seeing an overview to the Employment Partnership the Directors were interested in the value to business and the positive impact on staff the wider reaching benefits would bring. We did have some initial reservations. However, after doing our due diligence and taking up the offer of contacting other clients in the partnership, we took the next steps. Having been in the Employment Partnership now for a number of years, we have a massive seal of approval from our workforce and it’s great to see so many employees benefiting from our initiatives every single day.

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“In the UK, 8.3 million people struggle to cover their monthly bills, and three in four people say a shortage of money severely impacts their life and well-being”

The feast and famine effect of the monthly pay cycle means, on average, that 43% of disposable income is spent in the first 24 hours of payday (Portifina), exposing 3.1 million people in the UK to payday lenders every year (FCA Financial Lives Survey).

Give your employees the flexibility to choose when they get paid, through our Pay Assist option.

  • Employees can access up to 50% of their earned pay before each payday, whether weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
  • There is no impact on the payroll process, it is all managed directly.
  • The available balance is updated real-time/daily and is based on actual shifts/days worked.
  • Pay Assist is not credit or a loan: employees can access their accrued wages for a small fixed fee, reducing their reliance on loans and high- interest borrowing.

How does the Employment
Partnership Work?

To put it simply, this is no more than a paper exercise as all our clients will testify, it’s very easy to join and you can start receiving the benefits in 4 to 6 weeks.

  • We need to create a new PAYE number, as part of the Employment Partnership.

  • All current and statutory staff rights are fully protected and retained.

  • All payments are made by the client to staff, HMRC and pension contribution as is.

  • The Employment Partnership is bespoke to clients individual needs, accommodating any existing structure, staff and statutory directors.

  • Client retains all Operational, Direction, and Supervision of staff on a day to day basis, as currently.

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To qualify for the Employment Partnership you must be VAT Registered and have over £500k of Payroll Costs

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