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Introducing a
Fuel Conditioner
like no other that works on pretty much any engine

Save Money and the Environment!

If we told you there was a way to save money, save the environment, increase the efficiency of your engines and increase the lifetime of your vehicle you would probably say "What's the Catch?"

If we said give us £20 and we ill give you £100 again you would say "What's the Catch?"

The truth is there is no catch, no magic trick, just awesome science created by some incredible smart people that care.

"There must be a better way to consume fossil fuels until we can stop using them"

So they invented a universal fuel conditioner like no other that does the following:

Increases Fuel Efficiency by around 10%

(Generally 4% month 1, 8% month 2, 10% month 3 onwards)

Increases engine performance

Reduces CO2 emissions by up-to 30% – Less Smoke

Reduces particulate matter by over 50%

How you wonder?

This is all done by emulsifying the components of fuel pre-combustion (Petrol/Diesel, Ethanol, Water) in the vehicles tank or in the fuel transportation container. It delivers detergents through the engine and increases lubricity by 30%.


Diesel: 1 Litre to 2,000 litres (1,000 litre IBC conditions 2 million litres of diesel)

Petrol: 1 litre to 1,000 litres (1,000 litre IBC conditions 1 million litres of petrol)


Diesel it costs around £0.02 to add to a litre

Petrol it costs around £0.04 to add to a litre


Fuel costing £1.50 per litre will save up to 15p per litre

Less particulate matter means fewer filter changes

Less CO2 means less damage to the environment


Bureau Veritas Approved

With millions of miles and knots of tests across 100s and 100s of vehicles, generators, vessels and machines.

Our Fuel Conditioner is saving money, helping the environment and pro-longing the life of vehicles.


Q – Does fuel conditioned with The Fuel Conditioner remain within specification?

A – Yes, Independent Certification agency Bureau Veritas certified that:

EN590 compliant diesel fuel, remained EN590 compliant
EN228 compliant petrol fuel, remained EN228 compliant
EN16709 compliant Bio-Fuel, remained EN16709 compliant

This fuel conditioner meets UK, Europe and North American (Canada, USA and Mexico) Fuel Standards meaning it does not affect your warranty.

Get yours today and see the difference it makes


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