Low Cost. Instant Payments. Zero Contracts


0.5% Transaction Fees. Bank to Bank Transfer

Bank to Bank Transfers - Saving Money and Improving Cashflow - LocoSoco
Open Banking Payments - Bank to Bank Transfer - Secure. Instant. Low Cost

Accept Payments with fees up-to 70% lower than cards

The fast, lower-cost, and secure way to accept payments in the UK. Accept payment via in-store QR code or on-the-go via SMS. Funds land in your bank accounts in seconds (not days).

  • Funds are moved directly from the Customers Bank to the Merchant’s Bank in what is an instant, discreet and easy “Bank Transfer”
  • Visa and Mastercard are not required so the cost of accepting payment falls by up-to 70%
  • Merchants get paid in their bank account in seconds (not days!) and there’s no contracts, hidden fees or expensive hardware
  • Open banking payments are safer than cards and protected by Face ID or Fingerprint Scan and uses your Bank’s security controls

0.5% Transaction Fees

Using Open Banking Technology we enable direct, instant and secure bank to bank transfers.

Saving you money, increasing security and bolstering your cashflow.

Price Comparison - LocoSoco - Bank to Bank Payment Fees - LocoSoco

How it works?

Customer Scans QR Code

Either create a QR code on the app or let the customer scan your QR code on a stand, sticker or print out.

Create QR Code and Show to Customer to Scan - LocoSoco
Customer Scans with their Phone and Chooses their Bank - LocoSoco

Choose Banking App

The customer then chooses their Open Banking App on their phone from all the major providers.

  • Lloyds

  • Barclays

  • HSBC

  • Nationwide

  • Natwest

  • Santander

  • Halifax

  • Revolut

  • Monzo

  • Starling

  • RBS

  • Danske

  • FirstDirect


The Customers Bank Account used Biometric Face of Finger Print for maximum security.

This ensures that no chargebacks can happen

Login with Face ID or Finger Print (Biometric Security) - LocoSoco


The customer then confirms the payments and within 3-5 seconds...yes that's seconds the payment is complete and funds will be in your designated account.

Payment Complete - LocoSoco

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