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Our unique route
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LocoSoco is a publicly traded social enterprise, trusted supplier to over 700 independent retailers throughout the UK, 100s of businesses, councils and corporates working with close to 100 brands.

We are known for supplying great-quality, sustainable and innovative brands into the hearts of communities. Through our network of community partners we ensure best brands gain vital exposure and win new business.

We pride ourselves on getting products into stores and in the hearts, minds and tummies of consumers in a cost effective way for brands

Trials. Sampling.

LocoSoco operate as both a distribution and marketing company, we don't profit from marketing instead our model is based on the long term distribution of your products.

Get your products on the shelves of award-winning passionate retailers who care about the brands they introduce into their communities.

We have run marketing activations for dozens of brands getting them listed in 100s and 100s of stores from the the tip of Scotland to bottom of Penzance.

We only work with brands we are passionate and care about.

LocoSoco - Trials. Sampling. Distribution
LocoSoco - Brand Partnerhips

What's in it for you?

LocoSoco, acting as your distribution and marketing partner within the local retail sector removes the hassle and expense of a nationwide sales and marketing programme. We already partner with local retailers and have great relationships with symbol groups up and down the country.

We help your products gain the exposure they deserve, are prominent in-store with attractive POS and online media to sales support.

Our service also provides the opportunity to engage directly with local retailers and gain vital insights and feedback about your brand

How we work?

We taste, test and analyse your products with our team of industry experts.

If we think it meets the current market demands you then submit all of your brand assets, we create our own using these.

We then work tirelessly to get your product into a range of incredible stores (anywhere from 10 to 200). Usually this is 1 case of each SKU you would like to list per store sent direct to our distribution centre just outside London.

We deliver to stores, set up and get point of sale material in place free of charge and provide social media content to the stores to promote their new listings.

After the trial period we introduce your brand to more retailers on an introductory offer which we deliver and set up with POS etc.

After this trial and introductory period we move to a traditional wholesale distribution model and manage and deliver re-orders to our customers.

We invest in the long term success of the brands we support so we earn the ongoing distribution margins that build our business.

LocoSoco - Trials. Sampling. Distribution

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