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LocoSoco Group Plc

Invest in community enterprise with LocoSoco Group Plc

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James Perry – CEO (linkedin)

Alex Marks – CMO (linkedin)

Simon Spector – Financial Controller (linkedin)

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LocoSoco Group Plc; Registered Office of 86-90 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4NE. Company No. 10226386

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Group Accounts: 31.05.18

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Social audit

Social audit is being aligned to the social, sustainable and economic goals of LocoSoco.

LocoSoco Group Plc is listed on the Wiener Borse Direct Market (LOCO)

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"I believe communities should own the value they create. LocoSoco is a platform to enable the community to get ownership of assets like buildings, businesses and local supply chains. We are starting with sustainable products."

James Perry, CEO @ LocoSoco Group Plc

"Communities are starting to realise the power they wield to change their environment for the better. We want to be part of enabling that"

Alex Marks, CMO @ LocoSoco Group Plc

"It's a really simple model, people buy the things they need and get cash-back to reflect their ownership of the profits. They can then invest, donate or spend locally"

Cliff Southcombe, Founder of Social Enterprise International

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