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LocoSoco Group Plc

Invest in community enterprise with LocoSoco Group Plc

we create assets for consumers and retailers


Eco friendly Products

We bring high quality sustainable alternatives to fast moving consumer goods for home and business.


Shops / Pick Up Points

We ensure our retailers and distribution points maintain a margin whether they stock our products or allow customers to collect from there or house a refill station.

Community owned enterprise

When you buy a product or service through LocoSoco you get cash-back that can be invested in local enterprises to earn a revenue.



As we grow and our buying power increases LocoSoco will reward our customers with cash-back for them to invest, donate, save or spend.



LocoSoco work with Social Enterprise International, FairShares Association and other partners to bring to light local businesses opportunities.


Communities support health and wealth across the globe. Our aim is to ensure communities own the value they create by enabling social enterprises.


Introducing LocoSoco

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Social Audit

Company Contacts / Investor Relations

James Perry – CEO (linkedin)

Alex Marks – CMO (linkedin)

Simon Spector – Financial Controller (linkedin)

Become an Investor

We want to help communities fully realise their social and economic potential.

Investing in LocoSoco will help to unlock this value by creating community owned local supply chains.

Interested? Send us some details and we’ll be in touch!

We have existing SEIS and EIS Investors.

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"I believe communities should own the value they create. LocoSoco is a platform that will enable the community to take back ownership of assets like local buildings, businesses and supply chains. We are starting with eco-friendly products."

James Perry, CEO @ LocoSoco Group Plc

"Communities are starting to realise the power they wield to change their environment for the better. We want to be part of enabling that"

Alex Marks, CMO @ LocoSoco Group Plc

"It's a really simple model, people buy the things they need and get cash-back to reflect their ownership of the profits. They can then invest, donate or spend locally"

Cliff Southcombe, Founder of Social Enterprise International

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