Automated Retail

Automated Retail - Vending Machines and Hot and Cold Drinks Machines (Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate)

Away with antiquated
vending machines of
the past ​

Easy to use touch screen technology has overtaken most of its predecessors in the user experience space, and the same is true for automated retail. No more will users have to struggle to see and
input the correct code to buy the product they want. Take away that
frustration with a simple tap on our, up to 32", high resolution
touchscreen displays.

Space efficiency is key and with this in mind, we offer a number of solutions for this consideration. Different businesses require different solutions, with a choice ranging from wall-mounted or free standing
units with an 8 SKU capacity, to the conventional large, 42 SKU, free standing units. Not forgetting about our barista solutions, that include
up to 2 refrigerated display units for a maximum of 2400 additional
items. With the ever-growing "meal deal" trend, make it easy for your users to grab one on the go, all from one screen.

LocoSoco &
Vendlive Technologies

Vendlive's operating system gives you full control of the user interface, to allow you to create a unique user experience with the pre-built user interface. The in-build digital signage functionality provides you with the opportunity to show off your deals and highlighted products, simply by uploading images and videos to the vendlive client.

Stock management is a breeze in vendlive, from replenishing products to individual product expiry dates. On top of that, the artificial intelligence algorithms adapt continuously and will make recommendations on what and when to stock.

Creating a safer
way to buy

The importance of sanitation has been a key talking point from the past couple of years, which is why we are keen to introduce touchless vending where ever we can.

We've leveraged our technology to provide a truly innovative solution for automated retail in a world paralysed by COVID19. With an end-to-end touchless vending machine experience, and built-in sterilisation, which includes anti-microbial touch screens, UV-C sterilisation of the product chute and a in-built hand sanitiser dispenser.

Intelligent stock management

Vendlive makes stock management easy when it comes to replenishing products or planning around expiration dates. Couple that with artificial intelligence algorithms that continuously adapt, you will know when to restock before you even run out of any SKUs!

Digital content

Vendlive's app allows users to update product content in real time, send out a new promotion across all your connected machines instantly. Along with the camera that comes as part of the automated retail unit, this technology simplifies recognising trends and helps to drive consumer spending.

Utilise this data Vendlive collects to guide your customers on popular custom coffee combinations the barista unit's interface.

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