Eco-Refill Station

498 Refills

498 Bottles Saved

Start a refill revolution in your community.

Help your community to become more sustainable whilst earning more than 79% POR.

5L Anti Bac Sanitiser by Delphis eco Available on Locosoco

166 Refills

5L Multi Purpose Cleaner by Delphis eco Available on Locosoco

166 Refills

5L Washroom Cleaner by Delphis eco Available on Locosoco

166 Refills

Eco-Refill Station Explained


Our eco-refill station, in partnership with award-winning, Global Good Brand of the Year Delphis *eco-professional cleaning, contains 498 refills of professional cleaning product:

  • Anti-bacterial Sanitiser x 5 Litre
  • Multi-purpose Cleaner x 5 Litre
  • Washroom Cleaner x 5 Litre
  • 36 Refillable Spray Bottles ( 12 of each)
  • 3 Pelican Pumps
  • 3 Nozzle Caps
Sell 498 refills at £1

Exceptional Value

Not only does our Eco-Refill Station provide your community with access to eco-friendly, sustainable cleaning product alternatives, but it also represents great value for money.

The products are super concentrated, requiring only one 30ml squirt per 700ml spray bottle (topped up with ordinary tap water).

This cuts down on unnecessary packaging along with the requirement to transport the large proportion of water you find in pre-mixed products.

All this boils down to huge cost savings which we pass on to your customers, meaning that not only is it the more ethical product, but also the financially attractive product.

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