Atmospheric Water Generator

Helping Provide Clean Drinking Water in the Harshest Conditions

A world leading technology for low energy capture of drinking water from the atmosphere.

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Clean Water for All

In pursuit of LocoSoco’s goals to promote sustainability and prosperity for all we have partnered with AQUOVUM GLOBAL to provide the revolutionary Hyper-Dehumidifier™.

Water is the key to life and is also the backbone of communities, but over 2 billion people around the world do not have access to safe and clean water. Thus highlighting the necessity of a product such as this, that can effectively produce drinkable water from the atmosphere.

Generating Portable Water

This technology was developed with the primary goal of continuously generating portable water. It is an essential part of AQV’s design that these machines work in the harshest and most demanding of conditions to support national water security operations, among other emergency situations.

AQV incorporates a “building block” model that begins with one single Cooling Condenser AWG unit that serves the Home market. To scale water generation we simply combine single units and integrate them in a 20’ shipping container which now becomes our much larger building block. 20’ shipping containers can then be combined to scale water generation to infinite volumes.

AQV Atmospheric Water Generation Performance

Daily Generation (24 hrs)
Generation Efficiency
1765 GPD / 6681 LPD*
3.8 liters per kW/h
Competitor #1 - Middle East
1585 GPD / 6000 LPD
2.7 liters per kW/h
Competitor #2 - USA
1400 GPD / 5300 LPD
2.1 liters per kW/h
Competitor #3 - China
250 GPD / 1000 LPD
1.6 liters per kW/h

Efficiency calculated using data publicly available on competitor websites and in product brochures
(24 hour water generation divided by amount of power used in 24 hours = liters per kW/h)
* Baseline water generation at 80F/26.6C and 60RH

Supporting Agriculture

Our partner has developed a highly energy-efficient platform technology, the AQUOVUM™ system that provides safe and clean water as well as hyper-oxygenated water for use on crops. We remained focused on providing sufficient electricity as solving this would be the final hurdle to providing the unstoppable Trinity of Relief; water, food and power.

The Trinity of Relief, when delivered in a concerted effort, is the answer to the global water crisis and component food crisis.

Powered by Sustainable Energy

AQV working in providing electricity via partnership with Thermal Energy Storage (TES) Company, Azelio, has eliminated the need for common electrical batteries while operating our products on 100% renewable power. The Azelio TES-POD also includes a Patented Swedish Stirling Engine which turns a dynamo generating electrical current. Prior to the breakthrough in TES, the products were limited to operating only a few hours per day because of limitations with renewable power.

There are Endless Amounts of Humidity in the Air to Harvest a Sustainable Water Supply for an Increasingly Thirsty World

The Concern for Water Security

Improving Water Security must become a top priority for all nations. Countries such as the Middle East and N. Africa are some of the World’s most water stressed regions which is a direct threat to the region’s stability, human well-being and sustainable growth. The United States is also at risk – make no mistake, just because water runs from the tap today may not be the case tomorrow. Sustainable water management will play a vital role in building resilience, keeping peace and improving the lives and well-beings of all people. We must embrace water in a 21st Century “circular use” model involving water recycle and reuse.

Investment in innovative policies and plans are pivotal to achieving water security but more importantly, countries must work together across boundaries where collaboration is essential. Strategic national plans for proactive water resource management and use have become of critical importance in promoting and achieving a sustainable water supply for all. We must also not lose sight of the fact that water must not only be sustainable but must be of an acceptable quality to support well-being, sustaining livelihoods and socio-economic development.

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