7 June, 2023

Audit Process – FYE 31st May 2021



7th June 2023

London, U.K.

LocoSoco Group Plc (“LocoSoco,” “LOCO”), the platform that creates shared wealth from distributing sustainable products and technologies, listed on the Direct Market segment of the Vienna MTF, provides an update on the status of its audit process.

LocoSoco Group Plc regrets to announce a delay in the completion of its audit process for the fiscal year ending 31st May 2022. The company has encountered unforeseen technical challenges during the data analysis and verification phase, which have caused this delay. LocoSoco Group Plc is actively working to address these issues and expects to finalise the audit by the end of July.

James Perry, CEO of LocoSoco Group Plc, commented, “We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the delay in our audit process. Our team is actively working to overcome the challenges and expedite the completion of the audit. We remain committed to maintaining transparency and providing accurate financial information to our investors.”

LocoSoco Group Plc assures its investors that this delay is an isolated incident and is taking the necessary measures to prevent similar occurrences in the future. The company remains focused on its long-term growth strategy.

For further information, please contact:

LocoSoco Group Plc

James Perry, Chief Executive Officer

Simon Rendell, Non-Executive Chairman


Novus Communications

Alan Green

+44 (0)207 448 9839

Keswick Global AG – Capital Market Coach

Tim Curle, Klaus Schwerdtfeger

+43(1)740 408045

EDIT TYPO on FYE May 31st 2022


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