Schools are the future

These are challenging times

Schools need more resources, pupils need an education and Planet Earth could do with a little help. Schools are playing a vital role in educating them to tackle the environmental problems we are faced with.

We believe there is an opportunity for schools to continue to educate about the environment whilst encouraging their communities to change their shopping habits and generating new revenues at the same time.

Our goal is simple; we want to help people to buy what they need in a way that benefits their community without destroying the planet. 

Educate students to teach their parents about sustainability

LocoSoco are focused on helping schools realise their potential by guiding them to a more sustainable future through becoming social enterprises.

We believe that commerce has a vital role to play so we’re bringing eco-friendly alternatives and new revenue channels to schools, to ensure that sustainability creates value for guiding

Educational engagement

Providing talks on the issue of climate at assembly or in the classroom.

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Providing you with expert assistance with content to help your community engage.

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So people can navigate straight to your page on our beautifully designed hard copy leaflets.

Social media

We’ll help you reach out with your offer to overcome this current climate crisis.

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