Schools lead the way to a sustainable future

These are challenging times

Schools need more resources, pupils need an education and Planet Earth could do with a little help. Schools are playing a vital role in educating them to tackle the environmental problems we are faced with.

We believe there is an opportunity for schools to continue to educate about the environment whilst encouraging their communities to change their shopping habits and generating new revenues at the same time.

Our goal is simple; we want to help people to buy what they need in a way that benefits your community without destroying the planet.

Teach students to teach their parents about sustainability

We believe that commerce has a vital role to play so we’re bringing eco-friendly alternatives and new revenue channels to schools, to ensure that sustainability creates value for everyone.

One word: Refill

300 families refilling 3 cleaning products per month saves 10,800 bottles & 40 tons of carbon emissions per year. It also earns £9,500 for the school and saves families over £10,000.

Teacher at chess club
Step 1
Speak to the boss
Who's in charge? Let them know that the school can raise significant funds by helping parents reduce their plastic waste, save money and gain access to affordable professional eco-friendly cleaning products.

Throw in that they are better for the students, the teachers and the environments health...
Step 1
LocoSoco and Delphis Refill Station
Step 2
Peak Interest
Now that you have their interest, show them a picture of the LocoSoco & Delphis Eco Refill Station and mention the following:

It's 42cm wide, has 15 litres of concentrate and will refill 500 bottles of professional strength eco-friendly, vegan, cruelty free cleaning products.

Oh and don't forget to mention that it costs around 12p a refill and they sell for £1
Step 2
Male chess players playing, thinking process
Step 3
Space & Time
Sounds good? A few things need to be considered.

Where will you keep it? When can students or parents refill? Who is going to be the community champion and manage this?

The boss is busy, they are definitely giving you the "make it easy for me to say yes" eyes so let them know you have it covered.
Step 3
Cheerful multiethnic office team giving high five
Step 4
Cover it
Time to gather the change makers, the sustainable minded, the community leaders and people that want to make a difference. You know some and they know some.

Make a group.

Share with them the presentation on the refill opportunity (you get it when you apply to become a community partner below)
Step 4
Group of friends dancing at music festival
Step 5
Friends & Fundraising
Make it an event, a tea party, a cake sale, or just a calendar event. Do it regularly and feel good about making small changes that add up to big differences.

300 families using 3 products per month over a year
saves 10,800 bottles & 40 tons of carbon. It earns £9,500 for the school and saves families £10,000 assuming its £2 per bottle normally.

High fives all round!
Step 5

Become a community partner today!

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