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We are committed to building eco-enterprises that inspire positive environmental action in schools and communities around the world.

LocoSoco help foster sustainable learning in our students to become the future environmental experts by creating an easy framework that will engage all members of the community and help to build a sustainable future together.

Our goal is to create a sustainable future…one school at a time.

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LocoSoco and Social Enterprise International partners through the SPEED project is a movement of schools committed to building a sustainable future by working with parent, carers, local businesses and the wider community.

LocoSoco breaks down sustainability issues into easy-to-understand concepts that engage all stakeholders.

Eco-Enterprises teach and develop eCommerce businesses owned by students, teaches the tools to engage the community and fundamentally teach the students to teach their parents about sustainability.

Start Up

The LocoSoco & SPEED School program incorporates a wide range of teaching concepts and activities, including the design and management of local eco-enterprises located on school property.

The Eco-Enterprises offer students a chance to develop enterprise skills and become involved in local commerce while generating profit with purpose and teaching others about sustainable practices.

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Teach and develop eco-enterprises owned by students

LocoSoco - Eco-Refill Station

Getting Started

Establish your team at school, teachers and students that want to take part in building eco-enterprises.

Our Eco-Refill Stations are a great place to start.

498 refills for professional quality eco-friendly cleaning products.

498 bottles saved from landfill

Generate money for your school or project.

Teaching To-Do

Discover different types of eco-enterprises

Understanding the local landscape

Learn how to engage your community

Learn Online Tools

Eco-Refill Stations

Learn to build online marketplace

Selling to your community

Creating shared wealth

Learn about democratic companies

Setting up a company

Together for Sustainability

There are many simple solutions to create climate action within schools, leveraging local knowledge and local networks is key to this.

Once you have created a platform there is no end to what your students and teachers can deliver to help make sustainability happen.

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Become a Community Partner

Becoming a community partner is an opportunity to make a difference in your community by introducing sustainable products and services.

At LocoSoco we believe in sharing the revenue and equity created from this thriving industry