13 April, 2022

LocoSoco Capital Increase 6th April 2022

Bank to Bank Transfers - Saving Money and Improving Cashflow

The Company is pleased to announce that, in the period to 6 April 2022, it has issued a total of 1,441,111 new ordinary shares to a number of parties. These shares are issued in accordance with authorities granted to the directors at the General Meeting of shareholders held on 7th April 2020.

This brings the total shares in issue in the Company to 15,304,844 shares.

The newly issued shares include issuances for cash, including to a new subscriber in the Company, as well as issuances to the providers of goods and services to the Company, who have agreed to take shares in satisfaction of their positions.

The Company has registered the issuances with the UK company registry and has made an application to the Vienna Stock Exchange for the newly issued shares to be admitted to trading on the exchange.


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