5 May, 2022

LocoSoco Group Plc and SulNOx Group Plc Partner for Pyrolysis Oil Development for maximum energy yields and regulatory compliance

LocoSoco EV Partnership

LocoSoco Group Plc (“LocoSoco”, “LOCO”), the platform that profits from distributing products & technologies that contribute to sustainability and is listed on the Direct Market segment of the Vienna MTF, is pleased to announce further partnerships with SulNOx Group Plc (“SulNOx) who are traded on the Apex segment of the AQSE Stock Exchange.

LocoSoco is listed on the Direct Market segment of the Vienna MTF.

For quotes and trading data, link here: https://www.wienerborse.at/en/market-data/shares-others/quote-direct/?ISIN=GB00BD5BTL23

LocoSoco & SulNOx

LocoSoco and SulNOx have been working in partnership for over a year to develop route to market strategies and partnerships for SulNOx’s biodegradable fuel and emulsification technologies for both consumer and commercial applications.

SulNOx’s team have an incredible track record of developing, testing and delivering innovative and compliant fuel solutions across sectors including transport, shipping and logistics to deliver lower CO2 emissions on vehicles by yielding higher fuel efficiency with their proprietary technologies.

With LocoSoco pushing ahead with developing their waste conversion projects for converting tyres and plastic waste into high value oils and carbon black, teaming up with SulNOx’s extensive team of experts will enable LocoSoco to enhance their operation through knowledge transfer and greater yields whilst they develop regulatory compliant usable fuel products from waste.

LocoSoco CEO James Perry commented, “The team at SulNOx share our values and vision for sustainability, there is no quick fix to the problems industry and our planet face however working together we are able to develop supply chains that begin to reduce the dependence on the global markets by utilising local waste as a new fuel source, doing so reduces the environmental burden of drilling for fossil fuels until the market is able to adopt zero emission fuel sources.”



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About LocoSoco

LocoSoco delivers products and technologies that contribute to economic and environmental sustainability, working within sectors including retail, hospitality, corporate and government organisations.


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