20 November, 2023

LocoSoco Group PLC Announces Strategic Intent to Acquire Qintelligence, Reinforcing Its Path Forward in the ESG Sector


Press Release

London, United Kingdom – 20th November 2023

LocoSoco Group PLC, a company at the forefront of sustainable and community-focused business practices, is excited to announce its intention to acquire Qintelligence, an AI-powered Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting platform. This move comes as part of LocoSoco’s strategic realignment following today’s last trading day on the Direct Market Segment of the Vienna Exchange, marking a significant step in strengthening our market position and enhancing shareholder value.

Strategic Realignment and Future Growth

Coming off the market provides LocoSoco with the flexibility to restructure, refine its strategic focus and integrate a revenue-generating asset like Qintelligence. This period off-market is an opportunity to align our operations, re-structure management, negotiate terms and prepare for a strong re-entry to public markets.

The acquisition of Qintelligence is a cornerstone of this strategy, representing a synergy of values, market position and growth potential.

About Qintelligence 

Qintelligence, a stealthy startup is revolutionising the ESG reporting landscape with its advanced AI-driven platform. Their approach to sustainable business practices through innovative technology aligns seamlessly with LocoSoco’s ethos and market strategy. 

With a valuation potential over 5 years estimated at between £75 million to £150 million, Qintelligence is poised for significant growth in the burgeoning ESG sector.

Jan-Carl Stjernsward  – Head of Legal at Qintelligence Commented “Joining LocoSoco marks a new era for Qintelligence. Our combined strengths will undoubtedly advance the cause of responsible and sustainable business practices”

Market Opportunity and Synergy

The ESG market is rapidly expanding, driven by evolving regulatory standards and shifting consumer preferences. Qintelligence’s agile AI deployment positions it to capture a substantial market share in this high-growth sector. LocoSoco’s established market position, customer base and history in promoting sustainable products and services complement Qintelligence’s technological prowess, creating a powerful combination poised to drive long-term shareholder value.

Financial Projections and Growth Strategy

Focusing initially on the UAE market, Qintelligence’s financial model projects robust revenue growth across multiple streams, including SAAS subscriptions and ESG reports. This acquisition is a strategic move to roll in a revenue-generating asset into LocoSoco’s portfolio, enhancing the overall market offering and positioning LocoSoco for a strong future relisting and expanding Qintelligence’s reach.

Commitment to Shareholder Value

This strategic acquisition is part of LocoSoco’s commitment to driving shareholder value through innovative, sustainable business practices. We believe that the integration of Qintelligence will not only enhance our product offerings but also position us as a leader in the ESG space whilst we bring in funding that allows us to grow exponentially.

James Perry, CEO of LocoSoco Group Plc Commented “As we navigate through this strategic transition, our focus remains steadfast on strengthening LocoSoco’s core values and market position. The potential acquisition of Qintelligence is more than a strategic decision; it’s a reflection of our commitment to innovation and sustainable business practices. This aligns perfectly with our ethos and our long-term vision for LocoSoco. We are not just potentially acquiring a company; we are embracing a future where our combined strengths will drive significant advancements in the ESG sector. Our time off-market is a strategic pause, allowing us to restructure, integrate Qintelligence’s groundbreaking technology and emerge stronger. We believe that this path can lead to enhanced value for our shareholders and a more sustainable future for the communities and businesses we serve. We look forward to keeping the market updated with our progress on this potential acquisition.”

For more information and updates, please visit www.locoso.co.

Media Contact For media inquiries, please contact locosoco@locoso.co.

Disclaimer: This announcement contains forward-looking statements that are subject to risks and uncertainties. Actual outcomes may differ materially from those projected and due diligence and negotiations are subject to a range of uncertainties.


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