3 April, 2022

LocoSoco Group Plc in discussions with Proton Technologies about Hydrogen Production that utilises existing fossil fuel infrastructure to generate Clean Hydrogen and Sequester Carbon


LocoSoco Group Plc (“LocoSoco”, “LOCO”), the platform that profits from distributing products & technologies that contribute to sustainability and is listed on the Direct Market segment of the Vienna MTF, is pleased to announce discussions are underway with Proton Technologies, a leader in the field of Clean Hydrogen Production that utilises existing fossil fuel infrastructure. 

LocoSoco is listed on the Direct Market segment of the Vienna MTF. For quotes and trading data, link here: https://www.wienerborse.at/en/market-data/shares-others/quote-direct/?ISIN=GB00BD5BTL23&ID_NOTATION=246035708&cHash=96818d4943bd602c7947d54b3503cb6f 

Proton Technologies

Proton Technologies “Clear Hydrogen” is a carbon-free, low-cost opportunity for extracting hydrogen using previously expensed infrastructure and known energy deposits. Operating for over 6 years and holding patented technology for the extraction of clean hydrogen whilst sequestering carbon within existing oil wells. Proton Technologies has the experience and technology to effect change on a global scale whilst profiting with purpose. Part of this includes the production of clean hydrogen and generating carbon credits to underpin further investment into the transition from dirty energy sources to sustainable low-cost energy solutions.

LocoSoco CEO James Perry commented, “Having been in conversation with the team at Proton Technologies over the past year, we are excited to potentially deliver further opportunities for commercialising Proton’s patented technologies. At LocoSoco we get to see a wide range of game-changing technologies coming to market that serve to increase the value that we bring to our client base, our partners and future customers who are looking to transition to sustainable alternatives. Clean Hydrogen Energy in my opinion is the future of land, air and sea transportation and the opportunities it presents are on a global scale.”



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About LocoSoco

LocoSoco delivers products and technologies that contribute to economic and environmental sustainability, working within sectors including retail, hospitality, corporate, government organisations.


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