18 June, 2020



LocoSoco Group Plc, the company that builds technology to profit from creating sustainable communities and is listed on the Direct Market segment of the Vienna MTF, is pleased to announce an exclusive new UK partnership agreement with Cleanstrike LLC and their Purus Air Disinfection Systems.

LocoSoco Group Plc (LOCO) is listed on the Direct Market segment of the Vienna MTF. For quotes and trading data, link here: https://www.wienerborse.at/en/market-data/shares-others/quote-direct/?ISIN=GB00BD5BTL23&ID_NOTATION=246035708

Cleanstrike LLC, Purus Systems Distribution Agreement

LocoSoco have agreed an exclusive UK distribution partnership with Cleanstrike LLC and their Purus technologies. The PURUS Air disinfection system produces and dispenses a dry fog of the natural oxidant hypochlorous acid (HOCl) to kill pathogens wherever they spread or linger in an enclosed environment.


This process stops unseen pathogens from spreading and infecting healthcare spaces, workplace settings and other indoor environments by treating the air and every surface, no matter how obscure or hidden.

As a result of the rapid growth in national distribution and sales of hand sanitiser products and refill stations, LocoSoco will ‘plug’ Purus into its national distribution network to leverage up air disinfection system sales.

The Purus model will work for LocoSoco in 2 ways. 1) Provides a service to customers in need of sanitisation services. 2) Selling the devices and liquids to our partners who can in turn provide these services to their communities to generate revenue.

Purus Air disinfection systems are already used by major international brands across the USA, including numerous Las Vegas venues, Marriott Hotel Group and New York City Transport.

More details of the PURUS Air disinfection systems can be found here: https://locoso.co/purus-air-fog/

LocoSoco CEO James Perry commented: “We are hugely excited by the opportunity to exclusively distribute Purus systems using our network.  I have said previously that LocoSoco remains focussed on building strategic partnerships and alliances that secure supply and allow us to scale up and meet the demand from our communities. The Purus agreement is a classic case in point. Our network and sales continue to grow, and I look forward to providing you with further updates.”

Visit: https://locoso.co/purus-air-fog/ for more information and to get in touch.



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About LocoSoco Group Plc

LocoSoco builds technology to profit from creating sustainable communities. We work with community partners to turn community assets into eco-enterprises enabling them to generate additional revenues whilst going green.

Community partners have the opportunity to engage with their local community on sustainability, whilst also earning additional revenue for themselves, their businesses and causes.

LocoSoco Group Plc listed on the Austrian Wiener Borse Direkt Market in February 2019.


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