17 August, 2023

LocoSoco Group PLC Unveils New Direction and Updates


LocoSoco Group PLC announces transformative steps to strengthen its presence in the business landscape. Focusing on economic sustainability, the company is shifting toward service-based offerings to empower businesses and communities.

London, August 17th, 2023

Upcoming AGM:

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is scheduled for November 27th, 2023. This platform will allow stakeholders to gain insights into the company’s progress and plans.

New Service Model:

LocoSoco Group PLC will collaborate with partner organisations to deliver cost-saving solutions. These services include employee benefits, early pay access, energy contract optimisation and global talent acquisition via visa and recruitment partnerships.

Updated Operating Model:

A dynamic partnership model is being introduced, engaging introducers, influencers, network partners and businesses. Shared net revenue will reward these partners through one-time commissions, residual commissions and potential equity incentives.

Share Increase and Financial Update:

LocoSoco Group PLC introduces a 600,000-share increase in share capital at EUR 0.10 per share which is currently being concluded and application for the inclusion of the new shares on the Vienna Stock Exchange will be made as soon as it has been made reflecting a commitment to growth and innovation from existing shareholders.

The audit date for fiscal years ending May 2022 has been set for October 16th, 2023. Results for the fiscal year ending May 2023 will be delivered by November 30th, 2023.

CEO’s Vision:

CEO James Perry states, “We are committed to sustainable growth, innovation, and shared success. Our transformation will make a positive impact on businesses and communities while enhancing shareholder value whilst significantly reducing our operations expenditure”

LocoSoco Group PLC is embracing change to create a future of sustainable growth. Learn more at www.locoso.co

For media inquiries:

Email: locosoco@locoso.co


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