Vape Recycling System

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We have launched a Vape Recycling System with our partners to enable retailers and community organisation to provide a solution to the ever growing disposable vape recycling problem that we are facing.

Within the cost of this product we give you:

  • Compliant storage of disposable vapes
  • Collection once filled
  • Compliant recycling
  • Certificate of recycling
  • Point of Sale Signage

A recycle container stores 750-1000 vapes

Cost per vape recycled:

£0.20 to £0.27

The increasing use of disposable vapes and the improper disposal of all types of vapes and e-cigarettes has created a significant waste management problem. Vapes and e-cigarettes contain a variety of materials that can be hazardous to the environment if not properly disposed of. Our company and partners have created a sustainable solution for the collection and recycling of all types of vapes and e-cigarettes.

Vape Vessels

The Vape Vessel is a simple and convenient container solution for responsible storage of discarded vapes and e-cigarettes, prior to onward collection and recycling. Our product is a specially designed container that safely holds around 12kgs of mixed vapes, which equates to around 750 units of varying sizes. The container is easy to carry within manual handling guidelines and has a very professional image. Our Waste Experts offer the unique option of having point of sale marketing materials, which can help promote your company ethos and demonstrate your commitment to environmental sustainability.

Our Recycling Process

Once the used vapes are collected by Our Waste Experts, they are transported to our vape recycling facility where our expert team disassembles and sorts the various components of the vapes. The batteries are removed and sent for specialised lithium-ion battery recycling, while the remaining materials, including plastics, metals, and e-liquid cartridges, are processed through our material recovery facility. The plastic and metal components are separated and sent for recycling, where they are processed into new products, reducing the need for virgin materials.


Overall, our solution and our recycling process provides a safe and convenient way for individuals and businesses to dispose of their used vaping devices, while reducing e-waste and protecting the environment. Our Waste Experts are fully equipped to handle all types of vapes, making our vape recycling solution accessible and simple to use without the requirement for unnecessary segregation. Whether you are an independent retailer, vape store, a large high street retailer, or a manufacturer of vapes Our Waste Experts can help keep your business compliant. Let’s reduce e-waste together, recycle your vape!

INCLUDES: Vape Vessel, POS Material, Delivery and then Collection

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