PanSafe Fire Extinguiser – Life Safe Technologies – 120ml

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Rapidly extinguish a dangerous pan fire with the PanSafe Fire Extinguisher

PanSafe works better than usual home fire equipment. It’s easy to use, and designed to store neatly in your kitchen drawer or cupboard, near to where a pan fire might start.

Easy to use – simply place in the pan and PanSafe will do the rest!

The LifeSafe fast-acting liquid technology expands to smother the fire, completely killing it. You don’t even need to open the sachet!

PanSafe limits the amount of damage and mess that usual fire extinguishers can leave behind.

Environmentally friendly

The sachet is slim and lightweight, and less toxic residue is created by the extinguishing fluid within. PanSafe smothers a fire, eliminating the toxic gases that fires can leave behind.

Product Weight: 203g

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