12 January, 2021

Speed Project

SEi have launched an Erasmus+ funded project called SPEED with LocoSoco as part of delivery team – School Programme for Ethical Enterprise Development. The project aims to combine three existing innovations to enable students to develop ethically based, environmentally aware and economically sound businesses in their school communities across Europe. SPEED will be piloted in Croatia, Germany, Greece and the UK.

Impact and outcomes

The SPEED project will benefit students because they will learn how to address problems associated with climate change, how to see business as a force for good, not greed, and how values and ethics are important in enterprise.

Schools will learn how to raise money through social enterprise while creating community wealth.

Parents will develop a new and productive relationship with their children and their school and how they can change their community economy for the benefit of all, not just a few.

The community will realise that they have power over their own community economy, can address social and climate problems through the way they buy, and they will create community wealth by acquiring shares.

Project partners will be able to create a new set of methods and resources to use and share internationally. For the ethical suppliers and manufacturers and suppliers of eco-friendly products this project will open up a fair supply route to schools and their communities.


The outcomes will be the SPEED Methodology, Academy, Toolbox and School Enterprises which, combined, will provide a complete package of resources and training for enabling students, schools and communities across Europe, and beyond, to create their own ethical enterprises.

Project dates: November 2020 – April 2023

Project length: 30 months

Project partners: Lead – Social Enterprise International (SEi), SLAP (Croatia), VSBI (Germany), KHuF (Germany), Stimmuli (Greece), LocoSoco (UK), Eskdale School (UK).

Results: to be published throughout the project

Contact: If you are interested in the project please contact the project management team on cliff@socialenterprise.co.uk     chris@socialenterprise.co.uk      jenmuralla2011@gmail.com


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