20 March, 2022

LocoSoco Group Plc Agrees Partnership with Peoples Plastic Republic, SEM, Fastr Property and BizLending

LocoSoco Group Plc (“LocoSoco”, “LOCO”), the company on a mission to create shared wealth from the distribution of products & implementation of technologies that contribute to sustainable development goals and is listed on the Direct Market segment of the Vienna MTF, is excited to announce new partnership agreements with 4 companies to bring the future of waste conversion technologies to the UK.

The partnerships bringx together Non-Recyclable Plastic Waste Conversion, Tyre Conversion, Organic Waste Conversion, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Land and Property Registry Technology and Funding Partners to acquire and convert land for the installation of machinery that turns waste products into valuable commodities.

With these partnerships in place management believe they are able to implement a scalable way to profit with purpose, reducing the environmental burden across multiple industries including waste management, agriculture, retail and transport.

LocoSoco is listed on the Direct Market segment of the Vienna MTF. For quotes and trading data, link here: https://www.wienerborse.at/en/market-data/shares-others/quote-direct/?ISIN=GB00BD5BTL23&ID_NOTATION=246035708&cHash=96818d4943bd602c7947d54b3503cb6f 

People Plastic Republic (PPR Limited)

PPR is working on numerous projects to convert waste into commercially viable products, working with international, national and local authorities in developing Waste Management Policies. PPR’s offering is scalable.  One such project includes processing 50 tonnes of waste per day to create fuel for land, sea and air transport.  Another project will convert 1000 tonnes of waste per day into fuel, electricity and hydrogen.


Specialising in agricultural and organic waste conversion with many live global projects in bio-fuel and growth media production, a suite of patented technologies and products that are reducing the environmental impact of organic waste matter and industrial processes whilst creating high value commodities that deliver industrial scale carbon reduction and sequestration.

Fastr Property

Utilising Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and over 300 data feeds to find UK land and development opportunities and provide a platform to manage the end to end integrated process. 

Biz Lending

A team of funding experts with a vast amount of experience in the business of commercial development and buy to let property space.

Cambridge Judge Business School

LocoSoco worked with a team of MBA students as part of their Cambridge Venture Project (CVP). The team completed a market analysis and research project on the UK non-recyclable plastics industry. This research provided LocoSoco insights into the market opportunities and strategies to implement in plastic to fuel technologies across the UK.

LocoSoco CEO James Perry commented, “LocoSoco’s vision for the future of sustainability is based on partnering with incredible product and technology providers to develop projects and asset creation opportunities. Within waste conversion we have partners and direct relations to secure waste products and sell the valuable commodities created. From these partnerships management believes they are able to profit with purpose, impact at scale and deliver new economic models for shared wealth from solving the issues our world and communities face. I look forward to updating on our progress of these ambitious partnerships”



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