We believe that the success of independent businesses is integral to a thriving local community.

So when you buy through LocoSoco get shares or cash-back to spend, save, or invest.

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They come in all shapes and sizes, often local but also global.


LocoSoco is a way for people, shops, schools, sports clubs, community groups and businesses to earn money, save money and invest in local enterprise.


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Our Eco-Friendly Partners

We are proud to work with Delphis Eco, an award winning and Royal warrant holding manufacturer of sustainable and natural alternatives to cleaning products used at home and work.

The bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic (old milk cartons) and the products are all readily bio-degradable and not tested on animals.

We are working with local shops, sports clubs and businesses to put in refill stations for customers and colleagues.

View sustainable cleaning products

Organic Raw Juice
Our juices are made from certified organic produce which is a far more superior health choice for you, and much better for our planet. Sourcing organic produce all year round can be tough, but for us it’s important to go the extra mile in order to ensure our juices are always at their very best.

View Organic Raw Juice Range

Bamboo Tissues
We are proud to work with The Cheeky Panda a multi-award winning manufacturer of eco-friendly Bamboo Tissues. From Loo Roll to Pocket Tissues. Their products are naturally hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and readily bio-degradable.

DISCLAIMER: These tissues are soft like silk and not created from the that Bamboo Pandas eat. We LOVE Pandas!

View Bamboo Tissues

Palm Leaf Plates
These are quite simply awesome, made from fallen leaves, washed, heat pressed into shape and shipped. They are multi-use, you can use more then once. When finished you can put them straight in the composter.

View Palm Leaf Plates

Bin Liners
You say potato, we say bin bags.

Made from 100% potato starch, they start to degrade after 1-2 weeks of being in contact with moisture. They are  a durable alternative to plastic bags. A full range from 7 Litres to 240 Litres. Used by over 100 councils and 1,000s of businesses across the UK.

View Bin Liners

Energy Savers

These awesome magnets sit on the outside of pipes so are non intrusive. They polarise and align the molecules as they pass through.

Reducing and removing limescale in water pipes and making fuel burn more efficiently in boilers.

We know this is hard to believe so we offer a 12 month money back guarantee on all our products.

Business and Residential solution – all pipe sizes.

View Fuel and Water Conditioners


Local Services

Work with LocoSoco to create an online store to sell your services. From co-working space to window cleaners you can sell, hire or wholesale your products and services.

Work with LocoSoco to get sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly products into communities whilst building social enterprises that make a difference.

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Become an Ambassador Today!

Being an ambassador for LocoSoco is much more than an unlimited earning opportunity. It’s a great way to meet with people in your local area and make a real difference to your community.

We are looking for energetic, proactive individuals to represent LocoSoco at a local level.

Interested? Send us some details and we’ll be in touch!

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