Sustainable shopping that makes the wealth go round

When you buy through LocoSoco you get cash back to save or invest

How does that work?

Step 1

Order high-quality sustainable products through LocoSoco

Step 2

Receive up to 5% cash-back on that order into your digital wallet

Step 3

Keep that money or use it to buy shares and invest


We love local

We enable our customers and their communities to share in the value of their commercial transactions through the ownership of shares, cash-back rewards and complimentary services.

LocoSoco was built to help communities unlock their potential and share in the wealth and value they create.

Why we got started

In the village where our founder grew up the nearest supermarket was an 8 mile round trip. So when the local shop was threatened with closure the community got together and bought it. It has since thrived.

Our mission

Local businesses and their customers are the lifeblood of our economy. But trading conditions are tough. The growth of online shopping is squeezing money out of our communities and making business difficult for independent traders.

We want to level the playing field by sharing the ownership of the supply chain  – if you create value, we believe you should have your fair share of that.



Compostable Bin Bags

Organic Cotton Beeswax Wraps

Wooden Cutlery

Organic Juices

Palm Leaf

Energy Savers

For Business

LocoSoco work with eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical manufacturers to provide alternative products to businesses and communities. When you buy through LocoSoco you get cash-back to spend, save or invest.

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