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We make sustainability simple and share the profits in order to help create a better, more prosperous world


Who says that being more sustainable can't also mean being more profitable?

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LocoSoco exists to facilitate the inevitable shift towards sustainability.

We achieve this by

  • Transferring household and business spend to sustainable alternatives
  • Investing in thriving new business and industries
  • Building strong and empowered communities
  • Creating and introducing challenger brands in a way that generates shared revenue and equity for our partners, customers and shareholders. 

Communities are the answer

Whilst individual efforts to be more sustainable are always commendable, not enough people are following suit. And, with national governments and multi-national businesses failing to enact the changes required, we believe that local communities are ideally placed to make a real difference. Communities are small enough to be agile, yet large enough to be influential.

LocoSoco works with over 400 community partners including independent retailers, business councils to turn community assets into eco-enterprises enabling them to generate additional revenue whilst they also ‘go green’.

Community partners have the opportunity to engage with their local community on sustainability, whilst also earning additional revenue for themselves, businesses and causes.

Local Retail

Local Retail

Promote sustainable alternatives to your community and reclaim your title as a 'convenience store'

Community Organisations

Community Organisations

Become community leaders for sustainability and earn extra funding for your projects and initiatives



Educate your students about sustainability and generate additional revenue for the resources your organisation needs



Switch to sustainable alternatives and influence the change needed to save our planet from within your organisation

Places of Worship

Places of Worship

Inspire collective action on tackling our impact on the environment whilst generating funds for your organisation



Reduce your environmental impact by switching to professional grade, sustainable alternatives that are affordable

Incentivising the change we need to see

At LocoSoco, we believe in a few basic ideals:

Being more sustainable doesn't require radical change. Just simple, individual adjustments by businesses and their customers.

Everybody, from shopkeepers, to local communities, staff, to investors should benefit from the economic boom of a 'green revolution.'

Together, small changes add up to big differences making us greater than the sum of our parts and becoming the change we want to see for our families, communities and environment.


Expand your offering with a FREE, Fully-branded eco-enterprise store stocked with high-quality, sustainable, eco-friendly products

With more than 300 products available to buy online (and collect from your premises) and a 50% profit share for your business


Eco-Refill Station

ZERO waste, ZERO pollutants, ZERO excuses.

Replace harmful household cleaning chemicals with refillable, professional-quality eco-alternative cleaners, for just £1 per refill. Every bottle refilled is one less bottle not going to landfill and one more step on the path to sustainability.

Become part of the eco-revolution with our Eco-Refill Station.


Shares for Shelf Space

What if you were rewarded for your part in the success of the brands that occupy your shelves, as well as earning a profit margin on their sales?

We place great, new sustainable products on your shelves (up to max 50 lines,) in exchange for shares in our publicly-traded company.

As the value of these new brands grows, the value of your shares should grow too.


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Let's change the world

The whole world is finally waking up to the fact that in order to alleviate the climate and biodiversity crisis we are currently living through, we all need to live more sustainably.

For businesses, the change we are seeing is characterised by the rise of ‘sustainability’ and ‘eco-friendliness’, as increasingly important factors driving the buying-decisions of clients and consumers.

Many businesses have already picked up on this fact, understanding that: Our customers care; So should you.

Over the coming decade, sustainability will become a multi-trillion pound market. In fact, sustainability will need to be at the heart of every market, as every manufacturer and service provider will have to transition their products to suit our new world.

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Become a Community Partner

Becoming a community partner is an opportunity to make a difference in your community by introducing sustainable products and services.

At LocoSoco we believe in sharing the revenue and equity created from this thriving industry

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