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"Above all else we are here to build long term partnerships in the pursuit of environmental and economic sustainability"

The Loco Motive

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Brands and Partnerships

LocoSoco is a collaborative vision built on the belief that communities are the answer to a sustainable future and what can be achieved in one can be taught to another.

Our planet needs us to start living more sustainably. The climate and biodiversity crisis we are living through is nothing short of an existential threat to all of us. At the same time, our local shops are disappearing and the assets that bind our communities together, such as schools, clubs and places of worship, are often under-funded and in danger of closure.

LocoSoco promotes eco-friendly, sustainable and ethically sourced products & services. By switching we can dramatically reduce the negative impact we each have on our environment and increase health and wellbeing.

We work with local retailers and community organisations to create ‘eco-enterprises,’ to enable them to flourish and become community leaders in the mission for sustainable living.

We see a future where schools grow their own food, where churches produce their own energy, where the transport needs of a community are serviced by communal vehicles.

At LocoSoco we believe that communities are the answer.

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Community Partners

Developing technology and services to support

Brand Partners

Delivering new routes to market through community and industry partnerships

Community Partners

Working with leading and award winning independent retailers of symbol group stores

Growth Partners

Creating local business opportunities out of innovation


Developing distributed and automated ways to enable viral business models at scale

Our Team

Simon Rendell


James Perry

Founder & CEO

Abdul Hafiz Ibrahim

Head of Technology

Anna Palm-Gren


Stefan Roux

Creative Director

Cliff Southcombe

Social Enterprise Partner

Jordan Prescott

Sales Manager

Daniel Segelov

Commercial Manager

Benji Massarin

Operations Manager

Jude McKelvey

Partnerships Advisor


LocoSoco Group Plc develop and introduce products, services & technology through a growing distributed network of community partners.

We believe in incentivising the change we need to see in the world and tackle this by building "enablers" that contribute to the UN's 17 sustainable development goals.

This is a journey over the next decade to transfer household and business spend to sustainable alternatives.

Company Info

CAPITAL MARKET COACH – Keswick Global AG, Hoffingergasse 16/1/6 A – 1120, Vienna, Austria

INVESTOR RELATIONS – Novus Communications Ltd, 130 Fenchurch St, London, EC3M 5DJ

AUDITOR & REPORTING ACCOUNTANTS – UHY Hacker Young (S.E.) Limited, 168 Church Road, Hove BN3 2DL 

LEGAL ADVISER (as to UK law) – Fieldfisher LLP, 2 Swan Lane, London, EC4R 3TT 

SHARE REGISTRAR – Avenir Registrars Limited 5 St John’s Lane, London, EC1M 4BH


Legal Entity Identifier – 894500QNUU99TL2IY925


Simon Rendell – Chairman

A consultant at law firm Fieldfisher LLP for the last year, Simon was previously Head of London Office at Osborne Clarke, which he joined in 1996 as a Partner and in 2005 spent eight months working as UK Interim Legal Director at Vodafone. He has more than twenty-five years’ experience advising digital business clients on all aspects of their operations, delivering corporate and commercial advice covering everything from legal strategies for business growth through to the exploitation of intellectual property.

Many of the clients he has acted for are based overseas, so a large proportion of his work has been cross-border. He has acted for businesses including Yahoo!, EE, Electronic Arts and VeriSign, and has worked with Facebook on its international growth, having advised on its expansion into 10 new jurisdictions in recent years. He is also a recognized expert in the mobile payments’ arena.

Simon qualified as a lawyer in 1986 and has previously served as a non-executive director of several technology companies.

Simon is currently also a Co-Founder of Pretty Green Limited, and Chairman of uCreate Limited, Ocean Barefoot Limited, Licklist Limited and London Intellectual Property Exchange Limited. He is also Non-exec director of Helecloud Limited.

During the last five years, Simon has been a director of the companies in the following table. Companies whose shares are traded on a public market are noted; all others are not listed or traded on any public market.

Simon will hold 250,000 shares representing 2.06% of the issued share capital and additionally holds warrants to acquire shares.


James Perry – Chief Executive Officer

A senior member of the Social Enterprise International team which was founded in the 1990’s, James started his career in corporate banking at the age of 17 and worked his way into financial markets at 19. Having developed a number of efficiency tools for a large bank including an invoicing system that reduced workload by 80% and a new way to fund debt positions in distressed markets, James, at 22, with an urge to be his own boss, ventured into the entrepreneurial world and started his own technology marketing agency.

Having self-taught most of his programming skills, James has a passion and desire to help better manage the resources we collectively have whilst creating a more efficient approach to consumption in order to help reduce waste and create a business that profits from creating assets for others.

Over the last 10 years, James has helped small businesses to get off the ground, whilst working with and representing dozens of global brands. James has been delivering marketing events and technology for brands whilst in the process, building a network of friends and business partners working in a broad variety of industries and sharing a common view of the way that business and community will evolve.

James holds 6,534,560 shares representing 53.77% of the issued share capital.

Mike Hirschfield – Company Admin

LocoSoco Group plc (the “Company”) is a Public Limited Company incorporated in England and Wales under registration number 10226386 and is the holding company for the Group. The Group is engaged in the establishment of local supply chain networks to provide ecologically sound products at an affordable price along with selling local services. A driver is a rewards-based incentive scheme to encourage customer and distributor participation by enabling and supporting investment in community-owned enterprises presented through LocoSoco and its partners.

The intention of LocoSoco is to earn a margin on products and services listed on its platform and recruit new suppliers and customers to utilise the LocoSoco platform whilst also providing e-commerce solutions for SME’s, Sports Clubs, Schools, Community Groups and Local Shops.

The company will operate as both Business-to-Business (“B2B”) and Business-to-Customer (“B2C”) and offer its users the ability to list a host of products and services they can sell, hire, pre-order or set up a subscription for. The board believe affiliate marketing has the ability to unlock opportunities.

The Company has two operating subsidiaries, LocoSoco Limited (“LocoSoco”) and LocoCoin Limited (“LocoCoin”). 

The Groups intention is to expand through further acquisitions and joint ventures to drive growth and adoption of LocoSoco and the FairShares and Social Enterprise principals.

LocoSoco utilises FairShares Associations and Social Enterprise International principals and will use the FairShares Associations Company Rules generator for community-owned enterprises.

FairShares rules generator can be obtained from the following website – it is a tool build by Professor Rory Ridley-Duff of Sheffield Hallam University and Cliff Southcombe of Social Enterprise International to generate company documents for FairShares and Social Enterprise entities. It enables LocoSoco and others to create agreements for community-owned enterprises with varying rules and commitments for different stakeholders.

There are currently four company rules generators that links can be found in the appendix for Co-operative company rules, Cooperative Society Rules, Cooperative Association Rules and Cooperative Agreement Rules.

The Directors recognise the importance of sound corporate governance and will at all times adopt policies and procedures appropriate for. a publicly traded company and ensure compliance with Vienne Börse requirements 

The board is mindful that at this early stage in its development it has insufficient directors to meaningfully establish committees. Accordingly, the board as a whole will undertake the governance of the Company and as it expands it will seek to appoint additional directors and then will be able to form the relevant committees to ensure adequate governance processes.

From Simon Rendell, Chairman :

The world needs to operate more sustainably. We have finite resources and a growing population. More of the same will not end well.

But just as the business models of the past have brought us to this point so those same levers can be redirected to make the changes we need.  Sustainability and economics go hand in hand.

LocoSoco was set up to guide communities to a sustainable future. We believe the dual powers of communities and commerce are where the solution lies. Steering purchase behaviour and commercial opportunities towards sustainable solutions that more directly benefit those that buy them.

We see a future where schools grow their own food, where churches produce their own energy, where the transport needs of a community are serviced by communal vehicles and where communities can sustain themselves. We are helping to facilitate that change.

We are enabling greater access to eco-friendly alternatives and activating more revenue channels. In addition to growing a network of independent retailers we are helping community assets such as schools, sports clubs and churches to generate revenue from the sale and distribution of sustainable goods and services.

We are bringing new revenue models such as refill and subscription services and using the power of ecommerce to allow smaller retail points to sell a wider range of goods to their community.

We are thinking different. We don’t see a library that just lends books or a local shop that only sells own brand goods. We see enterprises that we can help to step out of those constraints and be the assets, revenue generators and success stories sustainable communities need them to be.

We want to bring sustainability to communities at all levels. So we are actively sourcing products and services from a growing range of sectors so that when the technology is in place and the appetite is there, LocoSoco will be positioned and trusted to deliver them. 

And above all this is a mission of inspiration. Our role is to inspire communities to make those changes and realise that a sustainable future is well within their grasp and not beyond their reach.

LocoSoco’s shares are quoted and traded on the Wiener Borse, the Third Market of the Vienna Stock Exchange in Austria.

The board is mindful that at this early stage in its development it has insufficient directors to meaningfully establish committees. Accordingly, the board as a whole will undertake the governance of the Company and as it expands it will seek to appoint additional directors and then will be able to form the relevant committees to ensure adequate governance processes.

Company registration

LocoSoco Group Plc; Registered Office of Business Land Group, 8 Madeira Avenue, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, SS9 3EB. Company No. 10226386

Company Documents

Articles of Association

Group Accounts: 31.05.19

Group Accounts: 31.05.18

Social audit

Social audit is being aligned to the social, sustainable and economic goals of LocoSoco.

LocoSoco Group Plc is listed on the Wiener Borse Direct Market (LOCO) Link to LocoSoco

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