15 September, 2020

What’s next for the UK’s best shop, Nisa Local High Heath?

“Despite being nationally recognised in the middle of a global pandemic, Amrit Singh and his family have refused to stand still,” Samantha Gunston, head of the IAA, says when describing Amrit’s efforts. “Instead, they’ve pushed forward, completing one of the first lockdown refits in the industry.”

When lockdown restrictions were introduced in March, Amrit and his family went above and beyond, making partnerships with new suppliers, like eco product supplier LocoSoco, to ensure their customers and community were provided for.

In the past few weeks, Amrit’s store has undergone a refit to better serve his customers. The aim is to become the first port of call over nearby multiples. “A major part of our refit was figuring out how to maximise space and capture the customer when they entered the store,” explains Amrit.

Going back to basics, Amrit focused on his shoppers’ journey. As a result, he’s transformed the entrance from what he says was “dead space” into a profitable area. “We found that when shoppers came in, they were already walking around the shop before they’d decided if they were going right or left,” Amrit says.

“The best thing to do with the corner space by the entrance was place products there that already sell well, as shoppers will travel around the store naturally.” Now, Amrit’s Tango Ice Blast machine, coffee machine and ATM ensure the space is used more effectively.

Amrit also used his refit as an opportunity to install new energy efficient chillers, allowing him to expand his range. “The chillers start lower and finish higher, so it’s allowed us to add an extra shelf to our chilled range. It’s a massive improvement already,” Amrit says.

The IAA joins Amrit for an indepth look at his refit and to learn how it’s transforming his business.



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