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How It Works

LocoSoco work with Eco-friendly manufacturers to deliver orgainc toilet roll, natural cleaning products, de-gradable bin liners and more to local shops, sports clubs and businesses (pick up points)

Our goal is to make sustainable products affordable and accessible by rewarding our biggest supporters (our customers) with profit share / ownership.


Subscribe for regular deliveries at the local shop that you want to support. You can cancel anytime and we reward you with a share of the profits.

Local Shops

Its hard running a small shop and LocoSoco want to help. We will initially supply you with eco-friendly products on sale or return and then work with you to create content and to share across social media, engage with your customers and make it easy for them to make sustainable purchases. As a reward you and your customers will recieve LocoCoin (Coming Summer 2018) which can be turned into cash, donated or invested locally.

LocoSoco - Sustainable products delivered to your local

Community leaders

At LocoSoco our goal is to facilitate the building of community owned supply-chains. Like community owned shops and pubs, but for the things that you buy.


Not everyones cup of tea but at LocoSoco we are technolgists and have been building a distributed operating system to run blockcahin ledgers and provide a lightweight and accesible platform for the global community to transact on.

Getting Started

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Subscribe to monthly deliveries at your local shop


You can pay with credit or debit card.


Cash-back in LocoCoin that you can Spend, Donate or Invest!?

At the very least you will get amazing eco-friendly products and support a local retailer, but you will also join us on the journey of delivering big ideas around eco-friendly products and sustiainable businesses


Subscribe to sustainablity today

Get regular deliveries of eco-frinedly products to your local shop and put on hold for a month or more at any time.



James Perry - CEO - LocoSoco

James Perry

Modesty in abundance, background in tech, finance and marketing.

Alex Marks - CMO - LocoSoco

Alex Marks

LocoSoco - Architect

Abdul Ibrahim Hafiz


Kaleem Ibrahim

Simon Redell

Simon Rendell

Legal Advisor and Chairman

Jude McKelvey
Advisory Board

Jude McKelvey

Shawn Derouard
Marketing Tech

Shawn Derouard

Social Enterprise / FairShares

Cliff Southcombe

Paul Frost
Creative Director

David Wilson


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