EARN from the things you have

SAVE on the things you need

OWN a part of your future

How It Works

As people, local businesses and communities we have goods, services, skills and assets to offer that a lot of the time are unused.

LocoSoco has been built to help you and your communities to earn money from the things they already have and save money on the things they need.


Create extra income from your skills, assets and experience, or simply save money on your day to day needs. LocoSoco is the place for you and your community to prosper.

Small Business

Running a small business in today’s economic environment can be tough. Getting customers is hard and keeping them even harder.
LocoSoco wants to level the playing field for small businesses.

LocoSoco Have Item

Community leaders

Our notions of traditional community is often seen as under threat. LocoSoco will enable new ways to bring people together for common purpose.

Community Technology

LocoSoco is a community platform to enable the collaborative purchase, rental and donation of goods and and services amongst communities of all shapes and sizes.

Getting Started

Sign up

Register with Facebook or email.


You are assigned virtual bank account through MangoPay which need to be verified by ID after £1,000 of transactions

Built in messaging

Chat with your friends from any smartphone or computer

Start using it

Add items you have to rent, sell or donate and join local groups.

We believe that you should only pay for what you use and therefore we take a 10% fee on transactions.

We will develop our service and create technology that works for you. We always welcome feedback and suggestions.


Sign up today!

Free to sign up, list items for free and create your local collectives.

Only pay for transactions.


James Perry - CEO - LocoSoco

James Perry

Modesty in abundance, background in tech, finance and marketing.

Alex Marks - CMO - LocoSoco

Alex Marks

LocoSoco - Architect

Rock Star Coder


Kaleem Ibrahim

Simon Redell

Simon Rendell

Legal Advisor and Chairman

Jude McKelvey
Advisory Board

Jude McKelvey

Shawn Derouard
Marketing Tech

Shawn Derouard


Cliff Southcombe

Paul Frost
Creative Director

David Wilson


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